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Technical Theater Artist

As a detail-oriented industry professional, I enjoy designing and building complex film and TV projects with screen accuracy. A large part of my success is knowing the parameters of the materials I choose and how the item will be used in the space and production. In props and costuming, I started with EVA foam and have learned to erase seams and paint. With wood, I have used a wide range of tools including table saw, miter/chop saw, jigsaw, scroll saw, and radial arm saw. I have experimented with different ways to weather wood. I've used fiberglass, resin, and filler to strengthen and smooth helmets and masks. The option to 3D print small accessories is a unique way to add very fine details to my work and have even printed whole masks and helmets. Because 3D printing leaves ridges, I fill and sand them for a clean look and feel. Most recently, I have been interested in metal and leather. Cutting, bending, grinding, and welding metal create a different weight to props. Have a look at the work I’ve done in the past, and get in touch to learn more.

I am a high school graduate of the Orange County School of the Arts (OCSA), Production and Design Conservatory. My conservatory experience included 4 years of shop, a master carpentry class (with Tony Hernandez), shop TA, 2 years of advanced audio (with Matt Roy), 4 years of costume design (with Kim Jones), 1 year of scenic design (with Wally Huntoon), 1 year of lighting (with Crystal Stromph) as well semester classes in props, make-up, and stage management (with Kevin Cook). I have worked countless hours of shows at OCSA as audio, assistant stage manager, stage hands, including a show as stage manager, and lighting designer. I volunteered to do audio for some of the OCSA Montage events which were all off-site events where I set up the drums, the audio, and monitored audio during the performance.  I have enjoyed all but lean towards working with my hand in the creation of sets, props, and costumes. 


I am currently enrolled at Orange Coast College (OCC) where I have been taking arc welding through advanced, as well as general education classes. My major is technical theater. In the summer of 2021, I was hired by a contractor to put up the siding on a custom build house. Each slat was individually installed with clips 16" apart.  For each section, I had to figure out the spacing where I then created a jig. Additionally, I assisted with baseboards and minor electrical work. 

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