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Costumes Portfolio

Costumes and cosplay designs are all handmade and personally patterned. I strive to recreate costumes from my favorite films, TV, or video games, as accurately as possible. The majority were created for personal use and conventions. 

Captain America, Infinity War suit -2019

Personally patterned and sewn; has foam as a base for definition; Worn at WonderCon 2019.

Cal Kestis: Star Wars: Jedi- Fallen Order

Patterned and made all elements of the costume, with real leather work, and custom quilting.

Clone trooper armor: -2021-2022
Jesse: Star Wars: The Clone Wars

Custom patterns. Clone armor made from foam sheets, shaped with a heat gun, adhered with contact cement, sealed with plati-dip, and then painted and weathered.

The Marshal/Cobb Vanth: Mandalorian -2021

Custom shirt and vest pattern. Shirt uses screen accurate textile, armor made from PVC sheet. Belt is genuine leather and handcrafted.

Jedi Robes: Star Wars -2020

Jedi robes made from basic patterns found online with minor modifications. Undershirt was personally patterned for accuracy. Three layers as seen on screen, with handcrafted genuine leather belt.