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Other Personal Projects

This section showcases other personal projects to include some of my interests and abilities not otherwise shown. This includes, minor 3D modeling, casting and molding, metal working, and automotive work.

3D modeling work

Collage of 3D modeled and printed projects

toyota windshield wiper
Toyota Windshield wiper printed
Toyota Windshield wiper finished
Kylo Ren Pommel
Mandalorian Blasters pieces
Kylo Ren pommel Finished
Cobb Vanth Blaster 3D modeled peices
Battle axe bass
Battle Axe Bass Strap
Accurate Luke ep. 6 lightsaber
Luke Hero prop WIP
Luke Hero prop emitter WIP
Luke hero prop pommel WIP

Casting and molding

Progression of molds and casting projects.

Metal working

metal working and welding projects.

Designed frames

Designed frame and matts for Artwork

Body work, rebuilt axles, welding 

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