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Props portfolio

Personal props portfolio of items I've made over the years, from film, TV, video games, as well as, a few productions are included here. I strive to recreate props seen on screen with both quality and attention to detail. Props made for live theatrical productions take into consideration period accuracy and sustaining actor usage.  I am well versed in the materials of foam, wood, Sintra, 3D printed PLA, metal, and fiberglass. 

Luke Skywalker lightsaber replica

Return of the jedi Luke Skywalker lightsaber, 3D modeled from measurements from the Hero V2 prop, 3D printed then cast and molded with resin then painted to match hero prop.

Lightsabers: Star Wars- metal with electronics

Metal lightsaber recreations, with housed  electronics, sound, LED, and a polycarbonate blade for dueling.

Lightsabers: Star Wars- 3D printed replicas

Non-metal 3D printed lightsaber recreations

Blasters: Star Wars: The Mandalorian
Mandalorian & The marshal/Cobb Vanth

Star wars blaster recreation, with a wood base, and small 3D printed details. and custom wood stained grips

Mandalorian and The marshal Blasters
blaster in process
blasters mid
blasters details
blaster midway build
blasters mid build
blasters handle
blasters details

Ace of Spades: Destiny/Destiny 2 

Two variations. White is made from layered foam and shaped with a Dremel.
Red is 3D printed sanded smooth and painted

Ace of Spades side foam
Ace of Spades front foam
Ace of Spades back foam
Ace of Spades back 3D printed
Ace of Spades side 3D printed
Ace of Spades front 3D printed

Marceline Battle-axe Bass: Adventure Time

Bass made from wood with simple design based of the cartoon style.

Revolutionary war rifle: Santa Ana Historical Society

Recreation of revolutionary war rifle made from wood block and pvc pipe for the Santa Ana Historical Society.

Santa Ana Historical Society
Santa Ana Historical Society- weapon
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